3 Life Lessons on a Saturday

focus life priorities Jul 26, 2020

Be Appreciative. Be Present. Be With Who You Love

I was given the gift of perspective in these three areas yesterday.

After dinner, I caught Ryan staring out the window. I asked what he was doing.

He said, “looking at the sun and telling God thank you for my life.”

What a lesson from a six year old. He wasn’t asking God for something. He didn’t ask for a new toy, game, or snack. He, at a random moment, said, “thank you for what he have.”

At the end of the evening, after playing baseball, swimming, having dinner, and watching a movie, I took a glass of whiskey outside, turned off the porch light, and sat on our bench. It was dark and quiet.

I was tempted to grab my phone but that seemed too fake. I felt the need for some sort of activity or anything interesting but the longer I sat, I noticed the calm of the evening. Only crickets, the lights from lamp posts, and the moon.

It struck me that it was the first night I had spent in weeks doing nothing. No distractions, no socializing, and no tech. For a brief moment, I was still. Then, I hopped on Instagram and it was all over. I’m certainly no monk but it was nice while it lasted.

This only happened because I made it a point to spend time with who I loved. Not in the same space but interacting the way we should. We had cranky moments. We got tired of each other. But we made it a point to be with each other just about the entire day. Good shit happens when we do that.

Just now, I came inside after listening to a podcast with Ryan Holiday. It was a great one where he touched on stoicism, religion, and being present.

One thing he mentioned that hit home is how us parents spend so much time trying to get through the day, we miss so much. We try to hurry to get the kids to bed so we can get on to the next thing. Email or TikTok or whatever. In reality, when we rush through those moments, we’re only rushing toward our deaths, missing life.

He said to ask yourself, “what if they weren’t going to be here tomorrow?”

We need to live more like that. Appreciate more. Be more present. Spend time with who you love.