The Lifehack GUARANTEED to help you reach your goals

focus productivity Jan 10, 2020

In this live session, I discussed an article that we came across that simply on point with what Defined Life is all about.

Success is simple when you look at it from this perspective... pick a direction and simply move in that direction... deliberately and consistently.

You can read the entire article here.

These are the basic points:

Do The Dull Stuff

To get something done, you have to sit down and endure the boring tasks that are required of you. Doing so builds focus and discipline to finish a task.

Practice Focus

In today's distracted world, we're training our brains to be distracted by the next ding, alert, pop-up, or other distraction that allows us to avoid intense focus. We need to stop multi-tasking or fast "task-switching" as it leads to poor results and burnout. Instead, develop deep focus by committing to a singe task, turning off all distractions, and getting into a "flow state". Doing so will help you accomplish more, faster.

Don't Wait For Motivation

Waiting for motivation is the best way to never accomplish anything. In fact, I think it leads to a reactive or victim mentality. Practice working toward your goals no matter your mood. Over time, you'll begin to create your own moods and motivation rather than be driven by them.

(Un)specific Goals

This is a concept we've really latched onto. We've been taught for years that goals need to be specific. That's not necessarily true. Sometimes goals even get in the way of personal growth. Instead, focus on small, daily steps of progress toward your values and dreams. Sound familiar?

Watch the entire video for customer questions and more in-depth discussion.