First Things First energy focus priorities success what matters Jul 28, 2021

It's super important to grow your awareness of your energy.

  • How much you have
  • What is worth spending it on
  • What uses it
  • What restores it

If you've followed along with me, you may know that I keep reef aquariums again. It was a hobby of mine years ago and I started back up again last year after...

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Is Your Attitude Stopping You? energy happiness life self-help success Feb 09, 2021

Do you have a bad attitude?

Your answer to that question may be defensive, "Of course I don't!"

Indignant... "How dare you!"

Or honest... "sometimes..."

The fact is, we all have an area or maybe many areas in life where we can improve our attitude.

It occurred to me recently how mine has changed...

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Choosing a Priority and Following Through focus fulfillment goals happiness intention priorities success what matters Oct 20, 2020

My biggest takeaway from Monday's live session was the need to do what we say we're going to do for ourselves.

When we identify an action as a priority, we need to make sure we follow through and do it!

Otherwise, we get in the habit of not upholding our commitments to ourselves.

Here are three...

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Where You Place Your Focus is Crucial to Your Success focus purpose success Mar 04, 2020

Many of us focus on disasters, politics, and other subjects that derail our progress.

In this live morning session, I discuss how to handle the many events that happen around us.

Watch this short session and let me know what you think in the comments.

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