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Working hard, hustling, grinding... it's what we've been taught to do in life. In the end, we end up burned out and far from our goals. We want you to be happy and our process can help you get there.

Meet Nick

Like you, I learned to work hard to get what I want in life. What I didn't learn was how to invest my time and energy into the work that mattered.

I found myself on a path to burnout, stress, and divorce. I was deeply unhappy and the more I worked, the further I was from my goals. I wanted a life full of family, happiness, and fulfillment. I didn't know how to get there.

My "Defined Life" journey started when I decided something needed to change. I learned to align my daily activities with my purpose. I began to live according to my values. I became less concerned with "keeping up" and more concerned with living my best life. 

I want to teach you the method I used to live defined. I'm still using it every day as I continue to grow through life. Will you join me?


Define My Day

The daily tool to plan and track your priorities.

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Monthly Classes

A new topic each month that helps you learn too become more aware, productive, and fulfilled.

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