Getting Over a Holiday Hangover with Action

I've received a LOT of emails from customers telling me they feel stuck after the holiday. They are out of sync and unmotivated. I think we all are... even me.

Remember, don't follow your feelings... create them.

If you are feeling out of sync, unmotivated, or anything other than "I want to finish this year strong"... I'm challenging you to flip that!

The best way out of being stuck is ACTION!

Pick something to do that you've been feeling bad about not doing and DO IT ASAP!

When you do what you know you should be doing regardless of feeling... you will feel better when you're done.

Tactic: Pre-plan your day with Time-Blocking.

Write down everything you want to accomplish tomorrow and then, based on priority, schedule it into your day tomorrow. Schedule EVERYTHING! Even showers, meals, phone calls, surfing the internet.

This tactic will help you see how much time you have (or don't have). It will also naturally motivate you to get moving.

If you feel overwhelmed by this,...

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Our Small Business Story

Originally posted on for Small Business Saturday.

Have you heard this one before?

 I was…

…approaching 40.

 … miserable.

 …on the verge of divorce.

 …never home to see my kids.

 …overworked, stressed, and unhealthy.

How Define My Day Started

On the surface, things looked good. I owned a successful IT business, drove a nice car, and had two beautiful kids.

We were miserable.

On the precipice of a potentially life altering moment… looking for an apartment… I decided I needed to change.

But how?

I began looking for people in my life that were living the life I wanted to live. What I noticed was this…

 They were using their time intentionally.

 They aligned their daily actions with their ultimate goals.

 They lived according to their values.

 So, I went all in. I read, listened to podcasts, tried new habits, and did one very...

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