Coping with CoronaVirus Anxiety

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

At the moment, we're talking a lot about how this Coronavirus outbreak is impacting our goals, disciplines, health and more. 

Needless to say, we are going to have to make some significant changes in the coming weeks and months. Now is not the time to give up on your personal discipline. In fact, it's time to double down and protect your physical and mental health.

Our live video yesterday addressed this. During the session, I also referenced a segment with Dr Gail Saltz that I linked below.

From Dr Saltz - Coping with Virus Anxiety... Here is how you can do it.

In a time when we feel like we can't control what's going on... 
Focus on what you can control. Follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself through proper washing techniques and social distancing.

Follow a Structured Schedule 
Stick to a good routine. Set a wake up time and stick to it. Build structure into your day and stick to it.

Mental Health = Stronger Immune System
Stress and anxiety can weaken your...

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I Lost 10 Lbs! All It Took Was Willpower (the Book) and Define My Day.


I weighed myself this morning and found that I'm 10lbs down from where I was at the beginning of my last DMD book.

That's an average of 2.5 lbs per week!

How did I do it? I took a few concepts from a book I read through the fall and winter... Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength along with my goals and disciplines in Define My Day.

The following concept hit home for me... We train ourselves to not listen to our bodies. When we're kids, our parents made us clean our plates even when we were full. As adults, we "diet" and fight through hunger, again disregarding our body's message that it's hungry.

I started listening to my body. When my body told me it was full, I stopped eating. When it said it was hungry, I ate. HOWEVER, I was prepared with healthy options. I had the freezer stocked with frozen vegetables. When I felt hungry, I heated one up and ate the entire thing.

I read once that when the body craves nutrients, we feel hungry. We tend to snack on unhealthy items...

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Stop Chasing Happiness


Too many of us chase happiness. Happiness is only one of the many emotions that we are supposed to feel on a daily basis.

We're not entitled to happiness... only the pursuit of it.

Instead, I encourage you to seek fulfillment that aligns with your purpose. Happiness will come and go but a sense of purpose is lasting.

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Where You Place Your Focus is Crucial to Your Success

focus purpose success Mar 04, 2020

Many of us focus on disasters, politics, and other subjects that derail our progress.

In this live morning session, I discuss how to handle the many events that happen around us.

Watch this short session and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Make it Messy


Do you ever find yourself not doing something because you're waiting for the right time?

Maybe you want to "do it once and do it right." Maybe you're even down on yourself for doing something imperfectly.

It's completely OK to make it messy. It's far more important to get your priorities done.

Personally, I don't even following the Define My Day process perfectly. Some days, like this weekend are incredibly messy!

But I got a TON of things done that will move me toward my goals and dreams.

Don't get stuck in a stagnant state because you're waiting for the right time to do something. Don't fall short of completing it because it's not perfect.

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Protect Your "Feed"

energy mindset social media Jan 13, 2020

What you see and hear impacts you more than you know.

Do you have that person that pops up on your Facebook feed that just gets under your skin? Maybe it even gets you agitated or angry?

Me too.

Ever have that feeling linger?

Yep, me too.

Ever engage in an argument about their toxic post?

No comment. 

Do you stop to think about how this impacts your day?

We all need to.

If we are going to be the best people possible, we need to be careful about where we place our attention and energy. We need to "feed" ourselves less mess.

Here are 3 social media changes we can make to shift more positivity into our lives:

  1. Hide Negative/Toxic People
    We all have those people in our lives. They antagonize, instigate drama, complain, and otherwise fill our page with negativity.

    If you find yourself having negative feelings about a certain person's posts, click the three dots on any of their posts and then click "unfollow". You won't insult them because you didn't unfriend them but won't have...
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The Lifehack GUARANTEED to help you reach your goals

focus productivity Jan 10, 2020

In this live session, I discussed an article that we came across that simply on point with what Defined Life is all about.

Success is simple when you look at it from this perspective... pick a direction and simply move in that direction... deliberately and consistently.

You can read the entire article here.

These are the basic points:

Do The Dull Stuff

To get something done, you have to sit down and endure the boring tasks that are required of you. Doing so builds focus and discipline to finish a task.

Practice Focus

In today's distracted world, we're training our brains to be distracted by the next ding, alert, pop-up, or other distraction that allows us to avoid intense focus. We need to stop multi-tasking or fast "task-switching" as it leads to poor results and burnout. Instead, develop deep focus by committing to a singe task, turning off all distractions, and getting into a "flow state". Doing so will help you accomplish more, faster.

Don't Wait For Motivation

Waiting for...

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Finish 2019 Strong

That doesn't mean you have to overdo it... don't overwork, overspend, or burn yourself out.

It’s a new week and the last one before Christmas!

There are many things to do this last week before the holidays.

First, we have to decide what our mindset is... are we hustling to get stuff done? or are we backing off to regroup after New Year’s?

Either mindset is fine as long as we’re realistic with it. Be aware and authentic to your own feelings, intentions, and needs. 

Having a hard time getting people to return phone calls? They could be swamped with end-of-the-year deadlines or mentally checked out for the holiday. We need to be aware that others may be in a different place than us. It can be frustrating but we need to be understanding.

Either way, we have to do what we can to get through the next few weeks with the best mindset possible. Bring the joy to everyone you meet this week. Even for the ones that aren’t doing it themselves. They need...

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Getting Over a Holiday Hangover with Action

I've received a LOT of emails from customers telling me they feel stuck after the holiday. They are out of sync and unmotivated. I think we all are... even me.

Remember, don't follow your feelings... create them.

If you are feeling out of sync, unmotivated, or anything other than "I want to finish this year strong"... I'm challenging you to flip that!

The best way out of being stuck is ACTION!

Pick something to do that you've been feeling bad about not doing and DO IT ASAP!

When you do what you know you should be doing regardless of feeling... you will feel better when you're done.

Tactic: Pre-plan your day with Time-Blocking.

Write down everything you want to accomplish tomorrow and then, based on priority, schedule it into your day tomorrow. Schedule EVERYTHING! Even showers, meals, phone calls, surfing the internet.

This tactic will help you see how much time you have (or don't have). It will also naturally motivate you to get moving.

If you feel overwhelmed by this,...

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Our Small Business Story

Originally posted on for Small Business Saturday.

Have you heard this one before?

 I was…

…approaching 40.

 … miserable.

 …on the verge of divorce.

 …never home to see my kids.

 …overworked, stressed, and unhealthy.

How Define My Day Started

On the surface, things looked good. I owned a successful IT business, drove a nice car, and had two beautiful kids.

We were miserable.

On the precipice of a potentially life altering moment… looking for an apartment… I decided I needed to change.

But how?

I began looking for people in my life that were living the life I wanted to live. What I noticed was this…

 They were using their time intentionally.

 They aligned their daily actions with their ultimate goals.

 They lived according to their values.

 So, I went all in. I read, listened to podcasts, tried new habits, and did one very...

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