Define My Day™ Planner & Journal

Overcome overwhelm while focusing on what makes you happy

Define My Day Platinum

Our newest edition! Larger, hard-back, with new features!

Defined Life Planner

The basic priority planner for people new to the process.

Create focus aligned with your values to better navigate a crazy world

Since getting my journal, I have focused on making better habits instead of focusing on just working my to-do lists.


define my day

Quick, easy-to-follow daily structure.

  • Trains you to focus on priorities while avoiding costly distractions.
  • Personal and professional monthly goal planning.
  • Weekly milestones to “chunk down” big goals.
  • 10-minute daily priority planning, mindset practices, & journal review.
  • Weekly habit tracking, to-do lists, and review pages.

You’re busy and life is flying by.


Why waste your time on things that stress you out but never really matter?

Define My Day will guide you to focus on your most important priorities while helping you avoid what drains you.

define my day

Available in two sizes

define my day planner
define my day platinum

3 Steps To Success with Define My Day


  • Check your email for getting started information and an invite into our private user group
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Check out our YouTube channel for updated topics and assistance.


Schedule a start date to begin using Define My Day.

We recommend making Monday your “DAY 1”.

Most orders arrive within 5 business days. Schedule 10 minutes to “DMD” first thing in the morning every day.


We know, you’re excited! So are we. Don’t overdo it.

Define My Day should be an enjoyable process that helps you do more of what matters in your life.

If you need guidance, please reach out to us using the “HELP” icon or ask another member in our user group.

Our Planners

define my day planners

I was taken by surprise this simple easy to use journal holds me accountable and makes my day so much easier.


Which Planner is Right for You?

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