The beauty of our planners is the flexibility.

You can use it for your personal life while also tackling work projects and goals. You can attack multiple goals in a day or simply break one large goal into multiple priority steps.

Navigating Priorities with Define My Day

We often see users make each of the 3 daily priorities one aspect of their life such as personal, work, and health. Here’s an example:

Priority 1: Work
Tasks 1-3 then break down what needs to get done for work today.

Priority 2: Me
Task 1: Exercise
Task 2: Eat well
Task 3: Meditate (or whatever works for you!!!)

Priority 3: Home
Task 1: Organize my spaces
Task 2: Spend focused time with family

Remember, it’s more important that your priorities reflect what you want to accomplish today and how it aligns with where you want to go in life.

Each day is different. One day may be work-heavy, the next may focus a lot more on your personal life. Prioritize what matters to you, and you’ll be fine!