Define My DAy

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The Planner to Defeat Distraction and Focus on What Matters

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Helping You Achieve Success

Define My Day guides you to connect your goals to your daily actions in a few easy steps.

  1. Create a 4-week goal plan.
  2. Set weekly milestones.
  3. Create a healthy and mindful routine.
  4. Identify and accomplish a priority task each day that moves you a step toward your goal.

Create a priority focus

Develop a rhythm of constant, sustainable forward progress

Gradually improve your mindset through daily mindfulness prompts, journaling, and progress review.

A Whole Life Approach

Create a Vision For Your Life

Learn to align your values to your daily priorities.


Build relationships build on respect and understanding.

Personal Health

Create healthy habits and improve your mindset.

Professional Goals

Set and achieve goals the move your life forward in the direction you desire.

The Define My Day Planner & Journal

Define My Day™ is the ultimate daily planner designed to streamline your life, enabling you to focus on your most important tasks, eliminate distractions, and achieve your goals.

Choose either the original edition or the all-new hardcover Platinum Edition.

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What Is Define My Day?
Who is it For?

With constant emergencies in our daily lives, we can easily get pulled away from what matters by yet another crisis. The result is a feeling of overwhelm and stress – and less time to enjoy life.

The practice of bringing our attention back to our values and goal-based priorities is a crucial practice to keep us on target. You deserve to enjoy your life with passion and purpose.

Define My Day will help you do that.

Business Owners and Professionals

Leverage the Define My Day™ Planner to prioritize critical tasks, track progress towards strategic goals, and manage your time effectively. It serves as a powerful tool to cultivate productive habits, foster work-life balance, and propel you towards your vision of success.

Parents and Caregivers

The Define My Day™ Planner is a practical resource for parents and caregivers, helping them balance their responsibilities, establish structured routines, and carve out essential self-care time amidst their demanding roles. It also aids in setting and tracking personal growth goals, ensuring they continue to thrive individually while providing care for others.

Overcoming Trauma and Loss

For those navigating the difficult journey of healing from trauma and loss, the Define My Day™ Planner serves as a therapeutic tool to structure their days, set compassionate self-care routines, and track their emotional recovery progress. It provides a space for mindful reflection, fostering resilience and gradual healing.

Working Through Depression and Anxiety

The Define My Day™ Planner offers a valuable structure for those managing depression and anxiety, enabling them to establish daily routines, set and track self-care and therapeutic goals, and practice mindfulness. By providing a sense of control over their daily activities, it contributes to reducing feelings of overwhelm and promotes mental wellness.

Navigating ADHD

For individuals managing ADHD, the Define My Day™ Planner acts as an essential tool to create structure, prioritize tasks, and manage time effectively. By fostering organization and focus, it supports the development of productive habits and promotes personal growth amidst the unique challenges of ADHD.

Used by over 100,000 people to overcome overwhelm, exhaustion, and stress. 

It is your map to a fulfilling life fueled by passion, aligning daily actions with your core values and aspirations.


“I successfully accomplish my goals AND have headspace for my family since using Define My Day. It is the goal setting/ planner/ tracker/ notebook I have needed.”

“I now understand my goals and personal values, prioritize my actions better, and can better foresee distractions and what hurts me.”

“I love using Define My Day! It helps me stay on top of my always busy everyday life. Without it I’d be lost in the chaos.”

Begin Moving Forward Today

Set Your Intentions

Create goals aligned with your values.

Plan Your Priorities

Define realistic daily steps forward.

Define Your Life

Travel a path authentic to you.

Define My Day is the planner to help you navigate and overcome chaos.

Other planners create more work for you to do.

You don’t need more complication in your day. You certainly don’t need to spend your time writing and planning. You need to get in, get out, and get moving on what matters to you.


By using Define My Day, you will:

  • Meet your goals
  • Create a healthy routine
  • Stop doing tasks that waste your time and energy

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