In reality, our lives are usually not changed by major moments. The biggest changes happen over time. It happens with every decision we make on a daily basis. We are made up of the tiny decisions we make in every moment.
Are you deciding to be stronger, more focused, and more disciplined? Or, are you choosing the alternative?
That major decision is being made moment to moment. When choosing to hit snooze, eat that donut, or to skip a workout, you are choosing to weaken yourself.
Don’t agree?
Think of the last decision you made like this. The last time you didn’t do what you know you should have done. Is that an area of your life that needs improvement? How much better would it be if you made the correct choice… over and over?
Sure, there are times that major events change the course of our lives. How we act in those big moments is determined by how we act in the small moments. The small moments are practice for the big ones.
Even more, the small moments usually end up creating the big ones. Rarely are we blindsided by a major event out of nowhere. It’s usually a culmination of small choices we made.
Got fired? Was it because you did one thing wrong one day or did you walk into work every day with a bad attitude?
Divorced? Did you make a small decision every day to not be the best spouse you could be?
Broke? How many little things did you buy every day instead of saving a few dollars that, over time, added up to thousands per year?
That’s what happens in all areas of our lives. We’re making decisions every day that impact our lives in unseen ways.
Define your day to define your life. Make the small, positive, decisions today and get massive results later.