A happy family… that was my priority but somehow it wasn’t happening.
I told myself that working long hours was for the benefit of my kids. Lynn and I were fighting. The kids weren’t happy. The more work I put in, the worse it got.
I wanted stability, a good marriage, happiness, well-adjusted kids, and a successful business. What I was getting was stress, heartache, and health issues.
I read. Listened to audiobooks and podcasts. I even saw a shrink. In time, I started to piece it together.
My daily activity did not align with my overall goals. I needed to re-align my focus on a daily basis so that I was accomplishing things that took me down the path I wanted and needed to go.
I created Define My Day as a map that I could refer to each day to stay on my path. It’s my daily touchstone to keep my mind in the right place. It works, in a way, like mediation. It trains me to bring my focus back to where it needs to be.
I’m happier, healthier, and more in control of my own destiny because I take the time to Define My Day. I am defining my life by taking the small daily steps required to become my ideal self.
Define My Day is only a tool. But it’s an invaluable component to the fulfillment I’m working to grow every day.