We receive a lot of questions about why Define My Day is only 28 days and not 31. You may have had that one yourself. Here’s the answer…

We don’t want you to schedule your life around a calendar! Define My Day is a guide to live life, not a schedule. We want you to pick the best day to start your book, begin the process, and build routine. Your overall priorities are the same, regardless of the calendar date. We want you to learn to develop focus on your personal growth, a healthy mindset, and healthy habits.

If we had a 31 day book, each user would ideally begin on a Monday but then finish the month mid-week. The choice is then to start a new book mid-week or wait until the next Monday, breaking the routine either way.

The value in Define My Day is not in how big it is or isn’t, it’s what you gain from the process. Trust it and follow it.

You’ll make incredible progress.