In our latest live session, we talked about becoming the greatest version of ourselves.

 I know, it sounds intimidating. It shouldn’t be. I’m not saying be someone you’re not. I’m saying, “be the greatest version of YOU!”

There are many reasons we compromise and settle for less than who we can ultimately become. We are told, “you can’t” by our parents or peers, we become afraid of failing, or we simply get stuck going in the wrong direction.

We get stuck thinking that we need to be “realistic” with our expectations.

Maybe we do but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

Here are three things you can do to become your greatest self.

Discover Your Purpose

Knowing why you exist on this earth is a big deal. You may not have all the answers now but discovering it is life-changing. You can read more about it here.

Clear Your Schedule

Stop doing things that don’t matter! It’s wasting your time and stealing your energy for the priority actions that will change your life. Here are some questions I like to ask throughout the day:

“Why am I doing this activity?”

“Why is this activity important?”

“Is this activity leading me to where I want to go in life?”

“Where have my previous daily actions lead me? What do I need to stop doing?”

“If I were to die today, what would I regret not doing?”

By becoming aware of the actions we take each day, we can better decide what to stop doing. We than gain more time to do what we should be doing.

Another great tool for this is to time-block your day. It helps develop a better understanding of where you spend your time.

Go BIGGER by Connecting Your Daily Actions to Your Goals

You want to do more than simply exist, right?

Don’t go from task to task, muddling through life. Develop a clear direction (see purpose above) and take daily strides to get there.

We do this with Define My Day by connecting our monthly goals to our purpose, our milestones to our monthly goals, and our daily priorities to our weekly milestones… like breadcrumbs leading you to your greatest self.

If you worked on something really big, even only thirty minutes each day, how could that change your life over the course of a week… a month… and a year?

You Deserve a Bigger Life…

…But only if you work for it.

Discover your purpose, make time for what’s most important, and go BIG with your most important tasks every day. Don’t be afraid to be your greatest self. It’s what you were meant to do.

Keep moving forward,


Watch the video here