Where are your actions leading you?

Many of us have dreams and aspirations but no plan to reach them. We hope life will get better, we dream of happiness and success, but we aren’t doing the daily things that will take us there. The direction of your life is determined by your daily actions.

We’re walking down a path that is not leading us to our intended destination.

It would be like trying to get from New York to Chicago but walking in a random direction in the hopes that you get there. It’s going to take a long time either way, but one path will eventually get you there. The others… who knows? But, the likelihood is incredibly small.

How do you get to any destination? First, you decide where you want to go. Second, you map your path. Third, you get moving. Along the way, you check your progress, review your next turns, and regularly stop to rest.

Easy, right? Why should life be any different?

It’s not.

Yet so many of us just wake up in the morning and let life push us in any direction.

Sometimes we make a strong effort for something. A relationship, car, or a new job. But then we quickly give up the reins and go back to life pushing us around. Next thing you know, we find ourselves lost in the woods with no clear path to that intended destination, our happiest life.

Getting back on track isn’t always easy but it can be done. Sometimes the path is just ahead, other times we must wander the forest a little while. But, with effort, the fog lifts, the trees clear, and like magic, the path appears.

So, how do we make that happen?

First, stop. Take a breath. Let the noise of the world and your mind dissipate. Ask yourself, “what’s the most important thing I want before I die?”

Then, listen for the answer. That’s your destination. THAT’S where we’re going to go!

Make no mistake, that answer may be wrong.

That’s ok. It’s a start. You can always change direction later. The point is to move toward your new destination. As you do, you’ll learn, fail, and grow. And you’ll use the understanding from that growth and failure to evaluate your destination and change it if needed.

Keep moving forward,