The holiday break can be brutal. I always find myself in a weird place in the week between Christmas and New Years. This year may even be worse because of the way the days fall. We basically have 3 days to be productive before New Years unless you plan on working over the weekend.

It’s hard to get started right?

We naturally want to start at the beginning of something… the week, month, year… and now they all collide into one big moment. 

Why not wait until the Monday after New Years?

Momentum. It’s hard to get rolling in one day. 

We’ve been practicing who we are for months, if not years. Then, we get distracted by the holidays. It’s unreasonable to expect that everything will change on Monday, January 4th, 2021.

Sure, we have a TON of motivation and we may CRUSH IT for a week or two. But, I know from my own experience, and from my experience working with thousands of Define My Day users over the years, we hit week 3 or 4, and then it’s like slogging through mud.

My challenge to you is this:

Maintain some momentum during the holiday break.

The natural instinct is to let it all go during the holiday break as you look forward to the new year as a time to change everything.

Don’t do that. It only hurts you.

Instead, bring it to a jog to warm up before you attempt to sprint into the year. 

  1. Get a decent morning routine in place that focuses on self-care. Wake up at a normal time and create a habit stack similar to the Miracle Morning. If you already have this in place, the rest will be so much easier.
  2. Follow the Define My Day process. Even if your goals are low hanging fruit and your days are pretty loose for the next week, following the DMD process during this time will prime you to really get rolling when it matters.
  3. Be present. Enjoy the time off with intention. Don’t let it slip by. Don’t wake up on January 4th and wonder where the time went. That regret can be draining. That’s the last thing we want.

Use this next week during the holiday break to your advantage and you can be prepared to kiss 2020 goodbye and start 2021 on the right foot.