Your world and how you experience it is largely dependent on your brain. How you experience an event can be totally different from the person next to you.


Your perceptions are colored by years of experience. And, when you perceive an event one way, expect to experience it that way, continue to experience it that way… you become more hardwired for that experience.

Your feelings, reactions, and behaviors are formed by your experiences.

When negative, this cycle can blossom into a pretty bad perception of the world.
That’s why we need to learn healthier habits, tell ourselves better stories, and step outside of ourselves to find a better path.

You will not wake up one day and see it. It’s not that easy. I liken it to walking through a forest covered in dense fog. You can hear something off in the distance. It’s sounds like
where you want to go. But, you have no idea how to get there. Just start walking in the general direction, one small step at a time.

You will hit obstacles and maybe even injure yourself. You’ll make many wrong turns. But, eventually, the fog begins to lift, the path reveals itself to you, and that far off destination begins to come into view. Even then, you may decide, “I don’t want to go there after all!” 

That’s ok! You can take everything you learned during your journey and apply it to your next destination.

Your life and future experiences are formed by how you think and act today. Will you wander the wilderness, simply reacting to your environment and feeling like you have no control? Or, will you take control and begin stepping in the direction of the life you want?

You can do that when you use Define My Day as a guide on your journey. It’s your tool to help you bring your focus back to what matters to you, to help you point out and avoid obstacles (distractions), and become more healthy and efficient with good habits.

With Define My Day, you can rewrite the patterns you’re living. Change your perceptions and eventually, change your experiences for the better.

Keep moving forward,