When I first started using the Define My Day method, I had, on more than one occasion, found myself feeling like I wasn’t working hard enough.

I was being crazy, here’s why.

I laid out my priorities. I identified my to-do list. Then, I finished my priorities and a few to-dos.

Driving home at a normal time (a cool feeling) I felt guilty.

“I didn’t do enough today.”

I did exactly what I set out to do. I moved toward my goals by accomplishing my priorities for the day. Why didn’t I feel satisfied?

Because, like everyone else, I thought being busy was the same as accomplishing something. I was finding it a hard habit to overcome.

That’s the trap we all fall into. We get addicted to feeling crazy, frantic, and like we’re constantly on the run or against a deadline. And we go nowhere fast.

We need to break that.

Avoid distraction. Stop doing tasks that have no real consequence. Focus your best energy toward the priorities that move you toward your goals.

When you break the addiction to feeling busy, your mind slows down to see the true landscape. We gain clarity of focus and begin a chain of events that continues to improve each day we follow the process.