Have you ever sat down, ready to work, and nothing happens? You don’t know where to start. In the dizzying array of potential things to do, nothing is bright or loud enough to grab your attention and scream, “I NEED TO BE DONE NOW!”
It feels defeating.
It happens to all of us. We get distracted, lose focus and motivation, and have a moment of time where we can’t figure out where to start. We’re paralyzed by the combination of choices and lack of momentum. We may even panic.
We have a choice… start or stay stuck. The choice is that simple. At this moment, the only way out is to do something. ANYTHING.
Anything productive that is. It might be a low-level task like paying the bills, setting an appointment, or writing a thank you card. Get started and attain a small win.
Once you get that win, go for another. The feeling of accomplishment and forward momentum can be exhilarating. It will be what you need to get back on a roll.