One of the most important benefits of a daily routine is the sense of rhythm that you gain from it. Beyond the habits and efficiencies, there is a feeling of momentum that is hard to stop. The longer and faster you go, the better it feels.

In the beginning, when a person first starts a daily discipline like the Define My Day focus journal, it feels hard to do on a daily basis. The simple act of writing for ten minutes seems like too much work. With each day, as you gain familiarity with the process and settle into a routine, it gets easier.
You gain rhythm.

Begin Developing Rhythm

The key is to start small. Don’t try to do too much. We’re running a marathon here and like any long distance race, you don’t just get off of the couch and run it. You have to train. Give yourself some grace. Push every day but don’t feel like you have to tear your life apart doing the Define My Day practice.

Keep It Moving

In a few weeks, you’ll feel more comfortable with the process. You’ll probably find that the 10-minute routine fits in well at a certain point in the morning. You’ll also observe that even the smallest interruption or distraction can stop you from doing it at all that day. That’s normal.

Don’t Let It Stop

The longer you can keep up the Define My Day process, you better you will become. However, there will come a day that you miss. Pay attention to the feeling of trying to restart the next day. Is it hard to open the book? How long does it take to get your bearings? How aware (or unaware) are you of unfinished and upcoming priorities?
The continuity has been broken. Don’t beat yourself up. Become acutely aware of what happens after. Feel that lack of forward momentum and observe how hard it is to get moving again. The breaking of your rhythm and the disruption it causes happens in other areas of life too. Pay attention to that and try to avoid breaking your rhythm for anything that is not more important.

Rhythm Is Critical

Many of us are used to a constant start-stop lack of rhythm. We never really know what rhythm and focus are. Once you feel rhythm and focus, there will be no mistaking how efficient you can become.
In everything you do, try to gain and maintain rhythm. Keep increasing your efficiency and momentum until you can’t be stopped.