Your mindset determines your willpower and results. When you view something as beneficial, it becomes easier to do. I’ve proven this to myself on many occasions. When I look mindset to the positive end result, the process seems easier to manage.

I hate the cold. But, when I saw athletes utilizing cold shock or cryotherapy for the health benefits, I began to see cold differently. I didn’t feel the need to warm up my car before getting into it. I shoveled snow without a coat. I began taking cold showers.

I LOVE my hot showers.

Improved health is my goal. Suddenly, cold is my friend. Comfort is my enemy. I need cold to be healthier.

My mindset has shifted.

When we look at a difficult situation as a test of our will, we can see the value in the struggle. When we see adversity as making us stronger, we grow our capacity to overcome.

Adversity makes us stronger. Struggle makes us the people that we need to become to be there for the next big event.

Every day we are training ourselves to be our future self.

Are you training yourself to be strong, resilient, compassionate and understanding?

If not, what can you do today to begin fixing your mindset?