Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is? What was the answer?

I think that a lack of driving purpose is why a lot of people struggle.

How disheartening is that?

I’m not sure anything bothers me more than to see someone go through each day as if they weren’t living for anything important. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Why aren’t they doing something about it? Who in their lives let them become that way!? They deserve to live fulfilled and enjoy every. damn. DAY!

I used to be that way. I wasted a lot of years feeling miserable and ineffective. Valueless. The only thing that helped was knowing I was born to do more. So, I kept trying. I had faith.

Eventually, I found my purpose… to help others be their best selves.

I only figured that out in recent years but as I look over the past twenty or so, I can see a common theme.

I used my ability to fix computers to help people fix theirs and use them better. I always undercharged for the work because I was fulfilled in helping them.

I used my growing business knowledge to help my clients manage their businesses. I offered advice and guidance in many areas, usually outside of my scope of responsibility as their IT consultant. I was fulfilled in helping them.

I help customers manage their marketing and online advertising to grow their businesses. Watching their growth makes me feel fulfilled.

And now, I find myself most enjoying helping others like you develop focus and drive to make the most of their lives. I’m driven to raise my boys to be the best, most responsible and ethical men that I can. And I’m driven to be a positive influence on every person I meet.

The common thread of my purpose to empower others has always been there, hiding in plain sight. Whether it was helping people use their computers or grow their business, I always wanted to help others. Yet, in many of my ventures, I felt unfulfilled.


Because I didn’t understand my true reason. I was good at fixing computers. So I fixed them. I didn’t focus on the real result… helping Cathy use hers at a fair (sometimes cheap) price while not allowing her to be taken advantage of by a lesser repair person.

I ask you, what is your purpose? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? Don’t stop at “to make money”. Why do you need more money?

“To pay the bills!”

No! Don’t quit yet… Why do you need to pay the bills?

“So I have electricity, water, a house!”

Why do you need all of that?

To provide my family a safe and comfortable place to live.”

NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE! Why do you want that for them?


Keep that going. Interrogate yourself in this way every so often. Zero in on your true purpose and base your daily actions on what you come up with. You will begin to feel a true sense of fulfillment.