If you are thinking about suicide, tell someone. If you don’t have someone near you that would understand, tell a stranger. Someone out there will care. Someone out there probably already does.
You may not want to feel embarrassment or pity. That’s ok. You will feel many negative emotions when talking about it BUT it will pass.
Many people won’t know what to do. Some people will. Find those few that will.
You also won’t like some of the things that are said to you. People won’t understand. That doesn’t mean they don’t care.
There will be struggle, pain, hard work, and setbacks. It can be better. When it is, you’ll wonder how you ever felt this way.
It may take years. It will almost seem like too long. It’s worth it.
Your pain is yours alone. Nobody will feel it like you do. Nobody, even professionals, will truly understand. That’s ok. They can still help.
Along the way, those professionals will feel cold, friends will tire of the drama, and family may be judgmental. (Honestly, that won’t change.)
Maybe professionals feel cold because they have to disconnect from the pain you feel. Maybe your friends have their own problems too. And maybe family just wants whats best for you but lack the skills to help.
Maybe you have someone around you that hurts you. Get away.
Get through each day by taking responsibility for your own happiness. It seems too big to handle but you can. You just have to decide to do it.
Get treatment. Push to take a small step each day. Forgive your setbacks. But live.
And give. Help someone else. Find someone outside yourself worthy of your love and help them without asking for anything in return.
Wake up and tell yourself to love each day even when you don’t feel it. Write it down if you have to. Read it to yourself.
Every day is a gift. You are a gift. You are worth something.
You just don’t see it yet.