How’s this week going for you? Have you been able to keep up with your priorities?

As predicted, this election is dragging on. So, are you addressing what’s important to you or are you stuck waiting for answers?

One thing is certain, time will keep marching on.

When something big is happening in life… from a pandemic to marital crisis, it becomes hard to focus on our healthy habits and small actions that lead us forward. Those small actions seem almost insignificant in comparison to big, looming events.

They are not insignificant.

In fact, exercising our ability to keep coming back to the healthy, important actions helps us grow in ways we can’t perceive daily. 

We grow our mindfulness, our ability to manage crisis, and our resilience.

This election result is important. So are the things you identified in your Define My Day planner.

You may spend extra time watching TV or checking social media. That’s OK. Don’t abandon what’s important to you in the meantime.

Keep moving forward,