Do you feel like you’re just doing the same things over and over every day?

Wake up, get ready, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Or wake up, sit on couch, repeat.

No matter what the substance, it’s not good.

You were born to thrive, not just survive.

While thriving may seem almost impossible at the moment, we need to find ways to do it or we’ll wither.

No matter how busy, overwhelmed, or unmotivated you may feel, take time NOW to explore what meaningful action you can take TODAY.

It must be an ACTION.

Pick something to start, continue, or complete.

Then do it again tomorrow.

You must accomplish something each day.

That’s the only way to thrive.

Having a hard time thinking of what to do?

That’s ok!

Don’t avoid exploring that.

Sit quietly for 5 minutes and just observe.

What are you thinking about?

What may you be avoiding?

What keeps popping up?

Look around a few moments. What stands out as out of place?

Pick one small thing that came to mind and immediately get started with it.

Many times, it doesn’t matter WHAT we do, it’s that we do something at all. Begin moving through deliberate action and see what happens!

Keep moving forward,