Last week, I sent an email referencing how this research from Harvard found behaviors that most impact depression. In short, socializing is good in avoiding depression. TV and napping are highly associated with depression.

For the most part, the responses I received were amazing. However, I received two emails and a few comments on a Facebook post that concerned me. Here’s why…

  1. We mistake fact for opinion.

People seem to believe that research and opinion are the same thing. They are not. We cannot dismiss scientific research because we disagree with it based on anecdotal experience.

  1. We get stuck in a mindset or perspective.

If you have been struggling with a problem for a long time and have not experienced positive progress, it may be time to change tactics. But sometimes we get stuck in the struggle. We focus on the struggle, rather than the goal. The goal is to be healthy. If that isn’t happening, it’s ok to try something new. Even if it seems too simple.

  1. We overcomplicate things. 

Complex problems DO NOT require complex solutions. Define My Day is the epitome of that. Often, we don’t need drastic change. We need small changes that shift our focus toward important actions. I work much less now than five years ago because I stopped doing all of the nonsense I thought I needed to do every day. I’m happier, healthier, and see my family more.

If you’re depressed, and someone came to you with a simple solution, why would you reject it? Embrace it and move forward.

  1. We insert things not said or implied.

This study simply said:

  • Socialize more
  • Watch less TV
  • Don’t nap too much

It did not say socialize with toxic people. Never watch TV. Never nap. It did not say only do/don’t do these things and you’re cured. Of course you should still see a therapist and take your medication. Of course you cannot “will yourself out of it.”

You can: take in useful information and make small changes that positively impact your overall health.

  1. We go overboard.

Keep it simple! On the inside front cover of Define My Day, it says, “Small Steps. Big Results.” Our process is based on the fact that small, daily steps in the right direction add up to major life changes over time.

If you don’t socialize at all right now, don’t go partying every night. Call a good friend for five minutes today. 

If you watch five hours of TV, don’t throw your TV in the trash. Cut it to four hours and replace that time with something healthy. Take a walk. Read a book. Socialize. 

We can make amazing progress by making slight changes in our behaviors. Don’t get stuck. Keep it simple.

Keep moving forward,