Time flies. I have that thought a lot… like when…

  • I look at my kids
  • I bend down to pick something up
  • I see a photo of me with brown hair

My life is FLYING by.

I’m especially reminded of that today.

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary.

When I think of everything that’s happened over that time, good and bad, I have so many feelings.

One feeling I don’t have is regret. 

I think that is huge.

We’ve certainly gone through a lot but it all had purpose.

I can look back on each event and think of a lesson I learned. I can see how I grew as a person, husband, father, and business owner.

I’m a better person today because our marriage has been hard and we did not quit.

We knew there was a greater purpose and our best life was a life together if we could find a way to make it work. It wasn’t always easy. Sometimes it seemed hopeless. But we always had faith that together is better.

That’s why we need to connect our daily actions with our purpose. It makes hardship worth the pain and effort. 

When we learn and grow from hard times, we become better people.

Our boys also started a new year of school today.

This summer went so fast.

No matter how many times I told them, “enjoy it! Summer will be over before you know it!”

It still came too soon for them.

Excited to virtually meet their new classmates and teachers, stressed by all that comes with living during a pandemic, and sad that summer is over… today is a mixed bag of emotions for everyone.

The common theme for all of us is “time flies.”

No matter how you feel you’ve spent your time so far, make it a point to appreciate today and every day you have left.

It goes so fast and none of us should let it slip away.

Learn from the hard times. Pick out and appreciate the good no matter what. Be present.

Keep moving forward,