Ever get so worked up dreaming about goals that you forget to actually work toward them? Or, they end up seeming so big that you’re too overwhelmed to start?

Don’t feel bad. It happens to everyone.

We naturally enjoy fantasizing about all of the things we can accomplish.

Everything from an exquisitely clean home to a multi-million dollar salary.

We dream of beautiful vacations, better bodies, healthier relationships, and carefree retirement.

Then, when we wake up in the morning, we hit the ground running… Doing everything EXCEPT what would lead us toward what we’ve been dreaming about.

Why? Because it’s more fun to dream than do the work to get there.

My challenge to you is to stop dreaming and start doing.

Goals are great. They are a big part of Define My Day. In fact, It’s my belief that if you don’t have them, you’ll never gain a sense of direction that we all need.

We need to make the shift from “goal setting” to “doing” earlier in the process.

Don’t get so caught up in whether you succeed or fail. Don’t even judge yourself based on how fast or slow you’re making progress.

Focus on your daily actions. Focus on making daily progress.

By moving your focus to more short-term behavior, you bring your attention toward mastery of yourself and the skills you need to reach your goals.

The results will come as long as you do the correct actions today.

It may not be on your timetable. Forget that! Just keep doing the work.

So many people quit because results aren’t coming as fast as they want them.

How fast do you think results come after you quit? The obvious answer is never.

Never do we magically get what we want by quitting early. Never has jumping from one thing to another brought us results.

What we need to do is make sure we’re doing the work.

Bonus Reason to Act…

Your brain gets tired when you dream and over-plan your actions. It actually feels like it already did the work, making it LESS likely that you’ll actually do the work.

In other words, think less, act more and you’ll accomplish so much more than you imagine.

Keep moving forward,