I’m not trying to be mean but I am being real here… We can’t make progress on anything unless we DO THE WORK.

Yet, how many days have you made excuses for why you can’t [FILL IN THE BLANK]?

Start that project
Do that chore
Contact that customer
Have that hard conversation
Play with your kids
Call your loved one
Define My Day

The result of each one of these examples is good… Progress. Growth. Resolution. Yet, we delay, avoid, and ruminate.

That last one is a killer.

Did you know that the more you think about something, the less likely you are to actually do it?

Here’s why: In many ways, the brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. 


So, when we mull over any one of those things listed above for too long, our brain gets tired because it already lived the experience. 

When you imagine all of the work it’s going to take to reach that big goal, rather than motivate you to get started, the brain actually says, “Whew! That was hard!”

The brain is done. Over it. Time for a break.


You get to live the stress and anxiety without any of the reward.

Sucks right?

Maybe that’s why the 5-Second Rule works so well. You already know what you need to do. Count to five and do it. No second guessing. Just go!

Blank pages don’t help us Define Our Days. Un-lifted weights don’t strengthen us. Unspoken words of caring don’t heal. We have to do the work.

Here’s how you can get moving:

1. Envision your goal or vision. What you want… that car, healthy body, joyful relationship, calm Defined Days. Take some time to envision being in the moment where you get what you want. Experience it. Then, STOP!

2. Find or make a plan. Define My Day is a plan. A pre-made workout routine is another example. Other plans may be more time intensive, like creating a budget but, even then, you can probably find a blueprint. The important part is to develop next steps. Then, STOP!

3. Focus on the next step ONLY. Don’t keep looking up to the top of the mountain. That journey will seem impossible. Focus on what you can do now and do it. Even better, focus on the smallest, next step…

STEP 1: Sit down at 6am with Define My Day and begin writing.
STEP 1: Put on my workout shoes.
STEP 2: Walk out the door
STEP 3: Walk for 5 minutes (then 10, then 15)

STEP 1: List 5 potential customers to call.
STEP 2: Pick up the phone, etc.

We need momentum. Not perfection and certainly not immediate results. 

Momentum. Progress. Results.

I challenge you to stop stressing about what you haven’t done. Stop dreaming about what you can do and start an action that moves you forward. Then, keep doing it.

Do. The. Work.