It’s the first Monday of the year and I’m sure you’re motivated to reach some goals.

Me too.

It’s exciting to think what this year will bring. Success is on the horizon and we have a lot to do!

Just be sure to stop doing a lot too.

What do I mean by that?

Think back to September 2021. You were probably super busy already. On the go from sunrise till bedtime. Could you have done MORE?

Probably not much.

To avoid burnout, grow, and make progress toward the lives we want, we have to stop doing some things to make time for the actions we want to take this year.

What things? How do we identify them?

You could go through our goals process. It’s a free worksheet that will help you evaluate your priority actions and costly distractions.

It works. Trust me.

But, if you’re not going to download it, here’s another way:

Track every minute of your day today. From the moment you open your eyes until you go to bed. Log what you do and for how long.

Does Instagramming add up to an hour or two? Are you TikToking your time away? How about TV, inbox checking, internet browsing, or unnecessary errands?

Even worse, are you spending hours working on a project that leads nowhere? Ouch… the false priority. Beware that one. It fools you into thinking you’re accomplishing something.

Same with busy work… the path to nowhere. Like riding a stationary bike. The Peloton of Priorities. You look good doing it, maybe even got a good workout… all busy and moving around a lot.

“Boy, Nick is always busy!” Always on the phone, running around from place to place, doing this and that.

But, if your intention was to actually get from point A(now) to B(your goal), that probably didn’t happen.

The point is, we lose a ton of time doing things that not only get us nowhere but also drain us. Stop doing a few of those things and I guarantee you’ll find it easier to muster the energy and make more progress on your goals.

Put simply:

  • Identify your distractions
  • Point them out ahead of time each day
  • Actively disengage from them as they occur

The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Keep moving forward,


PS: If your goal is to get in shape, by all means the Peloton is a great time and energy investment. But that’s another email about aligning goals and actions.