James Clear dropped a great question on social media:

My answer was instant:

  • Raising my boys to be good men
  • Improving myself so I don’t pass down my faults
  • Building a business that helps and lasts


It took me about 30 seconds to identify those. 

You know why they were top of mind and crystal clear?

I live them every day.

Some version of those statements live daily in my Define My Day Planner. You can find them in my goals, milestones, and daily priorities. The actions I take daily are my priorities given life.

I didn’t get here overnight. I struggled and went off in the wrong direction many times. I made incorrect choices that actually set me back. And I’ll do it all in the future too.

But, I always, always, always move forward each day, evaluate my progress (or regression), and adjust my direction to keep on (or get back to) my path.

Life is hard either way. I’d rather it be hard in service of my goals to be the best “me” possible. 

If you look at your actions today, what would they say are your priorities?

Keep moving forward,