Ever heard the phrase “life is a journey”?

It sounds a bit hokey to some. I think others feel like they are on a hamster wheel – just repeating the same steps day after day.

It can be very hard to see progress until one day you look back and ask, “where has all the time gone?”

That’s why the Define My Day process is so important to me. 

Define My Day acts as a guide to help me navigate life. 

It’s not an itinerary or checklist. It’s a way to bring myself back to my path toward my better self, regardless of what happens this week.

When you’re planning this week, are you reacting to what’s coming toward you or are you navigating your path?

Try this exercise this week and let me know how it goes:

  1. Picture yourself sitting here next Monday – looking back on this week. What one really important thing could you accomplish that would make next Monday so much better than today? Imagine the feeling you’ll have after getting this one thing done.
  2. Now, come back to today. See next Monday’s accomplishment up ahead. Break that accomplishment into steps. Small steps. Steps that you can accomplish in thirty minutes or less. Picture your accomplishment up ahead and the steps you’ve identified as stepping stones toward that accomplishment.
  3. Schedule the first step today and commit to getting it done. Imagine that step as a stepping stone on the path to your accomplishment. Step two will be tomorrow. You can see it just ahead. Step three after that. But, only take step one today.

By creating a path toward your accomplishments, or goals, you’re better understanding the chain of events required to achieve that accomplishment.

Understanding that path is crucial to achieving what you want in life.

See your path in your mind. See each stepping stone as a daily step toward where you are going.

Life is a journey – and today is simply a step in the right direction.

Keep moving forward,