We can’t live balanced, meaningful lives if we don’t love ourselves – and show it.

Loving ourselves looks like:

  • Not overworking ourselves to exhaustion
  • Challenging ourselves
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Spending time alone – listening, learning, growing
  • Understanding, rather than avoiding, past traumas
  • Keeping promises to ourselves

Define My Day helps you with all of this in a very sneaky way – as long as you follow the steps.

Every part of DMD has a purpose.

Affirmations to help you get in touch with your values on a daily basis.

Goal setting for direction.

Daily Disciplines to help you grow mindfulness and health.

The Ideal Day helps you develop a rhythm to reduce reactivity.

Priority planning to learn to direct your intentions toward important actions instead of busywork and distractions.

And journaling to help you process your thoughts in an intentional way.

Each one of these steps helps you fulfill all of the parts of loving yourself.

Sometimes each step is hard. Doing it anyway is keeping your promise to yourself to learn and grow.

It’s one thing to say you love yourself. It’s another to show it with loving action.

Keep moving forward,

I’ve come across some amazing books that I think you’ll love by an author that goes by the pen name Yung Pueblo. I just finished his book Inward and found it to be exactly what I needed to read. It’s full of short passages and poems about healing, transformation, and freedom. In other words – loving yourself.

Keep moving forward,