A common problem many people have when starting Define My Day is determining what is truly a priority.

It may feel overwhelming or that EVERYTHING is a priority.

It can be very hard to sort through the noise in the beginning.

That’s ok. It’s a learning process.

You have to go through it, everyone does to a point.

If you approach this from the perspective of “progress, not perfection” you will succeed.

In the above photo, we have an example of someone that listed out here priorities for a given Wednesday. Some may seems small, but they all align with her overall goals and vision of her ideal self.

Priorities can be used to reach your monthly goals and also support your ultimate vision of who you are.

In this example, relationship growth, the kids, health, having an organized environment, and financial goals are all covered.

The point is to stop doing “busywork” and bring our attention back to what really makes a positive difference.

In the end, nobody is judging you. Let go of the pressure you place on yourself and focus on making progress.

Small steps.